Hands Off Thief

Hands Off Thief

Stealth mobile VR game

• Global Game Jam 2017

• made within 48 hours in January 2017

• C#/Unity

Additional credits

Jana Reinhardt (art direction, 3d models, additional game design)

Björn Grunewald (additional graphics)

Ludwig Hanisch (music)




Entry page

Download (Android)

Post mortem

For the Global Game Jam 2017 we created HANDS OFF THIEF within 48 hours. Our goal was to make our first VR game, the result is a very short, but immersive and atmospheric stealth game where the player takes the role of a thief who steals valuables in a haunted mansions. It’s necessary to evade ghosts and find a radio that will tell how to find the exit. A post-mortem is available, as is a full gameplay video.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3