Die Stimmung kippt!

Die Stimmung kippt!

Local multiplayer mobile-only game

• bpb game jam 2016

• made within 48 hours in August 2016

• C#/Unity

Additional credit

Jana Reinhardt (art direction, graphics, additional game design)


Entry page

Download (Android)

Post mortem

During a 2-day game jam in 2016 we created Die Stimmung kippt (roughly: The Mood Shifts). It is the prototype for a multiplayer mobile game with real-world interaction. The idea was the following: participating players connect their smartphones with each other and get profiles of refugee-seeking people. Then they have to get visas in countries lying around in the room, by scanning QR codes. It gets chaotic as soon as tabloids spread rumors about refugees…

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3